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The Senior Data Scientist is an upper-level position in 605’s data science group, and is focused on the statistics-heavy, technical/backend aspects of data analytics. At 605, the Data Science and Client Analytics teams share a baseline knowledge of statistics and machine learning, R and python, and familiarity with relational databases and the scale/variety of 605’s data assets. In contrast to the Client Analytics team, Data Scientists bring to the table some deeper technical skills, including:

  • Hands-on experience with industry-standard predictive modeling solutions such as scikit-learn, xgboost, Spark ML, and in a production setting
  • Familiarity with diverse methods for supervised learning, unsupervised learning, ETL pipelines in general
  • A more nuanced understanding of cloud-based (Amazon Web Services) computing resources/infrastructure, especially the need for and methods of parallelization for analytics tasks
  • Experience in designing and implementing wrapper/tool/utility functions for automated tasks, to be used by less-technical Analytics team members, and organizing them into distributable, regularly maintained and tested R/python packages
  • Proficiency with source code management (git) and related code development/review workflows, as well as continuous integration tools like Travis and/or Jenkins

Data Scientists at 605 are generally involved in at least two different projects at any given time and work alongside other data scientists or analysts. Projects produce both client-facing deliverables as well as internal tools/datasets consumed by other various teams at 605. This role could potentially be based out of one of 605’s offices (in New York City or Pasadena, CA), or it could be full-time remote, dependending on the circumstances


  • Masters degree in a quantitative, scientific, or engineering field and at least 2 years experience in a data science industry position
  • Advanced-level proficiency in either R or Python (baseline proficiency in both)
  • Intermediate-level proficiency with Apache Spark (via Python, R, Scala, and/or Java), with application to machine learning and/or ETL pipelines
  • Knowledge of diverse modeling algorithms for supervised learning, including most of the following: scikit-learn, xgboost, Spark ML,
  • Experience with most of the following AWS services: Redshift, S3, EC2, EMR, and Glue
  • Advanced-level proficiency with Linux/Unix operating system, command-line/shell environments, accessing remote machines and using Docker containers
  • Experience with git and

Preferred Skills

  • Doctoral degree in a quantitative, scientific, or engineering field and/or at least 4 years experience in a data science industry position
  • Past work with household-level or person-level data sets including demographic, CRM, and/or self-reported (survey) data
  • Past work with time-stamped video consumption/viewing data or device usage data
  • Advanced-level proficiency in both R and Python (including class/function structure, package design and management)
  • Advanced-level proficiency with Apache Spark (via Python, R, Scala, and/or Java), including optimization for local and cluster scale applications
  • Experience with all of the following AWS services: Redshift, S3, EC2, EMR, and Glue
  • Knowledge of information security best practices


  • Comprehensive health and dental insurance for employees and their families
  • Life insurance
  • 401k with match, eligible for match after one year
  • Pre-tax flexible compensation plan for medical, transit, parking or dependent care expenses
  • PTO & Sick days—if you’re sick, you stay home
  • Work-from-home Fridays
  • A kitchen stocked with sodas, snacks, yogurt and other goodies
  • A tight-knit startup community who likes to eat! We celebrate everyone’s birthdays, have frequent team lunches, and do events in and out of the office
  • 605 is an active participant in conferences
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